Middle School Students to Spark Technology Park for Industrial Research Activities

Middle School Students to Spark Technology Park for Industrial Research Activities

2023-07-25 18:01

At the beginning of July, in the blazing sun and passionate summer, Spark Technology Park welcomed hundreds of teachers and students from Nanning No.2 Middle School in 2021 to carry out Shenzhen study and practical education activities. During the research trip, Spark utilized the way of visiting, experiencing, and learning to let the students go out of the classroom and into society to feel the deep integration of industry and culture.

During the research trip, students with the desire to explore science and technology, orderly stepped into the Spark Lighting Science and Technology Museum. They watched the display area of tunnel lighting, solar lighting, intelligent lighting, industrial lighting, and energy storage products. Everyone deeply feels the power of industrial science and technology, and experiences the charm of optics up close. It also helps students better understand the logic of science and technology and the connotation of innovation leadership, which laid the foundation for them to open the door of science and technology exploration, and take the road of science and technology innovation.

Afterward, the students visited Spark Laboratory to learn more about Spark's R&D strength in the field of lighting research. And feels the results of scientific and technological innovation development, which inspired their enthusiasm for scientific and technological innovation.

Finally, the students visited the intelligent production workshop of Spark with great interest. They carefully observed the green intelligent production facilities, and listened to how the factory gradually green production, energy saving and emission reduction in advance. They also understood the difference between the automated production and the traditional production efficiency.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Experience is the best learning. The Spark research trip lets students in the scientific and technological environment enrich their knowledge, cultivate innovative thinking, broaden their scientific and technological horizons, and feels the charm of industry. The experience stimulates scientific interest, in the exploration to establish the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, and in the thinking of enlightenment wisdom.

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