Good news | Spark won the bid for Chengdu Rail Transit Line 8 and 10 Extension Line Lighting Project!

Good news | Spark won the bid for Chengdu Rail Transit Line 8 and 10 Extension Line Lighting Project!

2022-11-21 09:25

Recently, Shenzhen Spark Co., Ltd. won the bid for the procurement project of Chengdu Rail Transit Line 8 and Line 10 Extension Lighting Project. Previously, Spark provided lighting products for Chengdu Metro Line 3 in previous,. at this time Spark will participate in the Chengdu Metro Lighting Project again to provide LED lighting products, system solutions and technical services for the project to help the construction and development of Chengdu Metro.

It is understood that Chengdu Rail Transit Line 8 generally runs in the southwest northeast direction. As the extension line of Phase I, Phase II of Line 8 is divided into two sections, namely the northeast extension section (Shilidian Station (excluding) - Longtansi East Station) and the southwest extension section (Lianhua Station (excluding) - Xihanggang Passenger Transport Center Station). The total length of the line is 7.61km, all of which are underground lines. Total of 7 stations are set along the whole line with an average station spacing of 1.12km, the maximum station spacing of 1.34km and the minimum station spacing of 0.86km. Among them, 3 transfer stations are set to realize transfer with Line 9, Line 19, Line 25 and Line S12 in the line network. A new Longtan Temple parking lot will be built.

The line of Chengdu Rail Transit Line 10 Phase III Project is 5.9km long, all of them are underground lines. It starts from Renmin Park Station in the north and ends at Taiping Park Station of Line 10 Phase I (completed and operated). There are 5 stations in total, including 4 transfer stations. The completion of the project will strengthen the connection between the surrounding areas of the city and the central urban area, promote the integrated development of the business districts along the line, build a rail transit network, connect the passenger transport hub and in the further it will improve the function of rail transit line 8.

Project matters

At this time, Spark will provide lighting fixtures and intelligent lighting control systems for 12 stations of Chengdu Rail Transit Line 8 Phase II and Line 10 Phase III, including a series of lighting fixtures at station entrances, stairway intervals, station public areas, passages, etc., including general lighting fixtures, emergency lighting fixtures, interval lighting fixtures, stairway induction lighting fixtures, etc.

Different from ordinary lighting, rail transit lighting is related to the service quality, operation safety, operation cost and other aspects of rail transit. Spark rail transit intelligent lighting control system can realize intelligent adjustment, switch and monitoring of lamps and scenes without causing energy waste. Through centralized control and management of lamps and lanterns, scenes can be changed according to the characteristics of different subway stations, such as flow direction, peak and peak times, train arrival time, etc., which not only provides passengers with safe and comfortable lighting environment on time and as needed, but also makes lighting more humanized; It can also reduce manual operation through reasonable management to achieve the purpose of safety and economy in lighting power consumption, help reduce subway operation costs such as personnel management and operating energy consumption, and further realize green environmental protection.

As the provider of the overall solution of smart lighting in China, Spark always adheres to the project operation logic with the core of solution and explores the optimal way and means to achieve the light environment effect. On the basis of meeting the needs of different lighting functions, Spark also focus on showing the historical details and cultural characteristics of different cities according to the cultural heritage of different cities, create an atmosphere with lights and light up the new pattern of urban culture.

Years of precipitation and accumulation

At present, urban rail transit is entering the peak of construction and development. Benefiting from its rich product lines, excellent technical strength and efficient services, Spark entered the field of rail transit lighting in 2015. In addition to winning the bid for the lighting project of Shenzhen Metro Line 7, in recent years, Spark has undertaken the construction of more than 40 rail transit subway lighting projects in Shanghai Metro, Shijiazhuang Metro, Lanzhou Metro, Guiyang Metro and other cities, further helping cities to light up subway lighting, Make positive contributions to the development of national rail transit.

About Spark

Founded in March 2000, Spark is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research, development, production and sales of LED lighting (solar energy) intelligent lighting, a national 3A credit enterprise, and a well-known brand in Shenzhen; Mainly engaged in LED lighting (solar lighting) products, multi-functional intelligent lighting poles, urban intelligent lighting systems, Internet of Things intelligent lighting management platform, lighting engineering and energy management; It has the qualification of National Accreditation (CNAS) Optoelectronic Laboratory, provincial and ministerial engineering technology center, municipal intelligent lighting technology research institute, urban road lighting engineering and electromechanical construction, and is one of the domestic intelligent lighting suppliers and solution providers

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