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Shenzhen solar semiconductor lighting technology engineering laboratory

Guangdong solar lighting application engineering technology research center

National accreditation (CNAS) photoelectric laboratory

Shenzhen intelligent lighting technology research institute

China green lighting demonstration base

Shenzhen science popularization education base

Futian district college student practice base

Shenzhen college student practice base

Zhongshan university student practice base

Science and technology planning project of the ministry of housing and urban rural development

National torch plan project -- intelligent street lamp project

International torch project -- intelligent tunnel lamp project

Guangdong industry university research combination project

Major science and technology projects in guangdong province

4 Scientific and technological innovation projects in shenzhen

More than 100 core intellectual property rights (patents / copyrights) have been obtained

Participated in drafting and formulating more than 30 industrial, provincial and municipal national standards

Semiconductor lighting application demonstration project of three national ministries and commissions

Semiconductor lighting promotion subsidy project of the Ministry of Finance

National energy saving procurement catalogue

Shenzhen famous brand

Guangdong famous brand products

5 provincial and municipal science and Technology (patent / copyright) Awards

The most growing enterprise in China's LED industry

Shenzhen advanced unit of energy conservation

Standard setting


Spark always focuses on R & D and independent innovation in the field of LED application, continuously improves its core competitiveness, actively participates in the formulation of national LED lighting industry technical standards, LED road lighting standards and LED lighting energy efficiency standards, and participates in and leads the drafting and revision of more than 30 provincial, municipal and national standards; Strive for a greater voice in the global market with technical standards, occupy the commanding height of the LED industry, and spare no effort to promote the healthy development of China's LED semiconductor lighting industry and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Smart lighting Science Museum


In order to popularize the knowledge of LED lighting, spike has built a lighting science popularization museum with an area of more than 2000 square meters. The museum is used as a science popularization education base in Shenzhen by Shenzhen Association for science and technology and a national green lighting education base by China energy conservation center. Spike Green Lighting Science Museum is divided into four plates and 27 exhibition areas according to the application functions, integrating the two functions of Science Popularization Education Exhibition and academic exchange conference. Use various high-tech display and educational means to show the history, current situation and future of light development to the audience intuitively, vividly, interactively and interestingly. The annual reception, visit and investigation audience is about 30000 person times, which has become an important window for our company to carry out green lighting publicity, practice national energy conservation and emission reduction, and display the company's scientific and technological achievements.

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