Spark Successfully Won Bid for Shenyang Metro Line 1 Lighting Project

Spark Successfully Won Bid for Shenyang Metro Line 1 Lighting Project

2023-10-31 16:50

Recently, Spark successfully won the bid for Shenyang Metro No. 1 East Extension Line LED lighting project, Spark will provide high-quality customized subway lighting products for the project, and help Shenyang to create a new bright spot smart city.

Shenyang Metro Line 1 is the first line completed and operated in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and the first subway line opened in northeast China. The project is the eastern extension of Line 1, with a total length of about 16.1 km, all of which are underground lines. After completion, it will effectively stimulate the development of the eastern part of the city. Spark provides LED subway lighting products for this line.

As a leading domestic supplier of subway lighting solutions. While providing professional and customized subway lighting solutions for Shenyang Metro No. 1 East Extension Line, we carefully create each beam of light in the underground space according to the station structure. In addition, Spark through an intelligent control dimming system, according to different time and environmental needs, automatically adjusts the lighting brightness, while saving energy and reducing consumption, further improving the subway ride experience, and helping the construction and development of Shenyang rail transit.

Subsequently, Spark will continue to increase scientific research and innovation, continue to introduce better subway lighting products and make positive contributions to the development of urban rail transit in China.

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