China, Hongta Group Dali Cigarette Factory Lighting Project, 200W LED High Bay

China, Hongta Group Dali Cigarette Factory Lighting Project, 200W LED High Bay

Project Name: Hongta Group Dali Cigarette Factory - Refining Factory lighting system upgrade project

Product: LED High Bay Light SPGK011-200W


Hongta Group Dali Cigarette Factory was founded in 1950 with an area of 346,000 square meters.

According to the safety requirements of the tobacco industry for fire protection and explosion-proof, the existing lighting system must be optimized. Using our company's 3C certified(China Compulsory Certification) UFO die-cast LED high bay light SPGK011 -200W which meet the requirements that each working ground of illumination>300lux, color rendering index Ra≥90, light efficiency>110 lm/w(130 lm/w,150 lm/w; high-tech 170 lm/w), color temperature 4000K, insulation level I, corrosion level WF2, protection class IP660-10V dimming power supply. 




Hongta Dali sorting plant not only undertake the production of tobacco selection, selection of chip-sorting workshop, but also tobacco products warehouse in the off-season, requiring the lighting system can achieve wireless intelligent control;


(1) According to the illumination, each lamp can be wireless automatic dimming (0 to 200W adjustment);

(2) According to the regional illumination requirements, lamps can be achieved wireless grouping, partitioning, cross-zone automatic switching, in order to achieve energy-saving;

(3) Control system: Adopting wireless intelligent control technology, real-time login to the software system through computer and mobile terminal (mobile phone APP) can manage, monitor and adjust the working status of any lamp;


Function 1: All lamps can be grouped according to the actual needs, sub-circuit and a single lamp control (on, off and dimming);

Function 2: Adopting B/S structure, according to the requirement, log on the special website through the computer and realize the remote control to the factory;

Function 3: Can download intelligent control software via computer or mobile phone to realize single lamp control (on, off and dimming); also can be divided into zones (open, close and dimming) according to the working requirements of lighting places;

Function 4: Energy consumption monitoring: At any time, LED lamps detailed working data, energy consumption data and breakdown schedule can be exported;

Five functions: fault monitoring and alarm: Intelligent system can automatically identify the operation of the lamps and timely warning if any works failure.

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