Spark successfully won the lighting project of Xi'an Metro Line 6

Spark successfully won the lighting project of Xi'an Metro Line 6

2021-04-09 17:20

Recently, Spark win projects frequently. With its rich experience and strong technical strength in the Metro lighting industry, it has won the second-phase lighting project of Xi’an Metro Line 6, once again consolidated its market share in the Metro lighting industry.


The second phase of Xi’an Metro Line 6 is about 19.5km in length, all of which are underground. The second phase of the project has 17 stations (including 6 transfer stations), with an average distance of 1.16km, and a new textile city parking lot. Xi'an Metro Line 6 plays a very important role in stimulating the development of the planned south Passenger Station area in the southwestern part of Xi'an.


For the successful bidding project, Spark Optoelectronics will continue to follow up strictly, check all the details, and complete this project with high quality with strong technical research and development capabilities, mature metro lighting experience, reliable product performance and trustworthy after-sales service.


As a leading service provider of metro lighting solutions in China, Spark will continue to leverage the company's core advantages in professional leadership and technological innovation, to facilitate industry development, and make more positive contributions to China's metro construction.

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