2015 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Date:27-30 October 2015

Venue:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

LED Street Light

Spark LED street lights achieve ultra brightness/luminance; energy-saving over 70%. Special modular design for theLens (independent modules) and high luminous efficacy, high CRI, easy for maintenance. Intelligent and isolated power supply (NS semiconductor and Japan Rubycon capacitor), reliable and stable; automatically reduce current against overheating working temperature......

LED Tunnel Light

High Power LED Tunnel Light is new type of high efficient and energy saving product using High Power LED as light source. With low temperature, no UV and IR, LED Tunnel Light can be truly called Green Light and widely used. Spark LED Tunnel Light is designed to be outstanding dustproof and waterproof by lamp body usingdie-casting aluminum alloy and tempered glass and core lamp using high.


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