Spark Delivers LED Lighting to another Metro - Chengdu Metro Line 3

Spark Delivers LED Lighting to another Metro - Chengdu Metro Line 3

Chengdu Metro Line 3, from the high-speed railway Shuangliu West Station in the south, arrives in Xindu District in the north, passes through Shuangliu District, Wuhou District, Jinjiang District, Chenghua District, Jinniu District, Xindu District, to alleviate the traffic pressure in the central city, to achieve the Northeast, The southwest has a great effect on the smooth flow of traffic. It is the main line of the subway from southwest to northeast of Chengdu. The first phase of the project was opened on July 31, 2016, and the second and third phases were opened on December 26, 2018.


The second and third phases of the project are the south and north extension lines of Phase 1 of the No.3 line. The opening of the project will realize the rapid connection between the main urban area and the Shuangliu District and Xindu District, improve the rail transit deconstruction ability of the central city, and strengthen other transportation hubs such as railways. The convergence of urban space plays an important role in optimizing the urban space and building a new pattern of network development, multi-center and ecological urban development.




Line 2 and 3 of the Line 3 have a total length of 29.5km and 20 stations. After the opening of the whole line, Line 3 will become the longest (about 50km) and the most (37 seats) of Chengdu subway lines. The second phase of the project will be connected to the Shuangliu River in the south, and the third phase will be extended to Xindu in the north


The second phase of Line 3 (Nanyan Line) is mainly laid along Zhaiwei Road, Shangdu Road, Shuangnan Road, Wuhou Avenue, Third Ring Road and Jialing Road. The total length of the line is about 17.2km, with 11 stations. Underground station.


The third phase of Line 3 (North Extension Line) starts from the General Hospital Station of the first phase of the project and ends at the Chengdu Medical College Station. It is mainly laid along Chuanshan Road, Dafen Road, Rongdu Road and Xindu Avenue. 12.3km, there are 9 stations, including 3 overhead stations and 6 underground stations.


The second and third phases of Line 3 were optimized on the basis of the continuation of the overall decoration style of the first phase, strengthening the integrity and transparency of the space design. In the southern section of the Shuangliu area, the whole color is green (farming and tea); in the southern section, the overall length of the Wuhou area is “pan length”; the northern extension line is dominated by brown (passenger).








The second and third phases of Chengdu Metro Line 3 adopt Spark photoelectric series high-quality rail traffic lighting products. The rail transit lighting products used in this project include LED panel lights, LED embedded downlights, LED mounted downlights, LED sheds. Lighting, LED three-proof lamp, LED flood light, LED base light, LED street light and other functional lighting, LED fire emergency panel light, LED fire emergency embedded downlight, LED fire emergency downlight, LED fire Fire emergency lighting fixtures such as emergency shed light, LED fire emergency three-proof light, LED fire emergency flood light, etc., are used in public area platforms, depots, parking lots, section tunnels, subway office places, etc.


Due to the complexity of the urban subway network, the lighting facilities in the underground space need to undergo long-term overload operation, which has more stringent requirements than ordinary lighting. Spark LED subway lamps have good protection against moisture, corrosion, anti-static, anti-rust, anti-vibration, fire prevention, etc. Spark's full range of products have passed the national CCC certification, CQC certification, CCCF fire certification.


Spark has adopted high-efficiency LED lighting solutions for all the lamps provided in this project, which significantly reduces the operating energy cost of the subway. At the same time, it adopts high-indicating, anti-glare, uniform and soft lighting for the platform, station hall, office space and other areas. It will provide a very comfortable subway lighting environment for the travel of Chengdu people.

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