Hohhot Metro Line 1 LED Lighting Project

Hohhot Metro Line 1 LED Lighting Project

Hohhot city is the 38th in mainland China to open subways. Hohhot Metro Line 1 is also the first subway line in Inner Mongolia.

Sparkoe is the led lighting supplier for Hohhot Metro Line 1, mainly supply LED exit indicators, safety lights, tunnel led tri-proof lights, LED single-tube lights, LED double-tube lights, emergency tri-proof lights, emergency LED single-tube lights, emergency LED double-tube lights, which respectively used In public areas such as platforms, section tunnels, car depots, parking lots, subway offices, etc.

In response to the owner's request to operate in advance, our company complete the supplies half a year in advance with good quality. Hohhot Metro Line 1 was opened for trial operation on December 29th.,2019.




About Hohhot Metro Line 1: The first phase of the Hohhot City Rail Transit Line 1 project starts from the West Second Ring Road Station in the west and to Bakan Village Station in the east. The main line has a total length of 21.719km, of which the underground line is 18.530km, the transition section is 0.337km, and the elevated line is 2.852km. There are 19 stations in the first phase (16 underground stations and 3 elevated stations), including 4 interchange stations.

The smooth supply of the Hohhot subway project has further enhanced Sparkoe's comprehensive strength and market competitiveness in the field of subway lighting. Subway lighting has extremely strict requirements from planning and design to the final successful operation. Sparkoe has been highly recognized by the market for its achievements in the field of rail transit lighting, excellent product advantages and technological precipitation. The market share has repeatedly hit record highs and its performance has been among the best in the industry.


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