Sparkoe Awarded "Tianjin 1001 Project" NB-IoT Smart Street Lighting Project

Sparkoe Awarded "Tianjin 1001 Project" NB-IoT Smart Street Lighting Project

2020-03-25 17:14

Last week Sparkoe successfully won the bid for the "Tianjin 1001 Project" road NB-IoT intelligent lighting project in China. This project is the first three-year transformation and improvement plan for “smart lighting & smart city” launched by Tianjin. It aims to transform and upgrade street lighting facilities, promote smart city construction, focus on creating night-view lights, and comprehensively improve city lighting.

In this project, Sparkoe will provide Tianjin with the first batch of nearly 6,000 sets of smart street lights. The street lights involve the latest technologies such as gateways, NB-IoT, fault alarms, and autonomous reporting of data, so that smart street lights can be perfectly integrated into the installation environment. To better extend the lifespan, and realize remote status diagnosis and fault alarm of the Internet of Things platform, add technology elements into the creation of smart cities, and make data management of urban street lights refined.

As the leading brand of intelligent lighting in China, Sparkoe has strong R & D capabilities and a professional technical team. She has long relied on the company's nationally recognized (CNAS) photoelectric laboratory, provincial and ministerial engineering technology center, and Shenzhen Smart Lighting Technology Research. As a technology pioneer, the institute focuses on creating high-standard intelligent lighting solutions. In the construction of similar projects, Sparkoe has provided a number of intelligent (wisdom) lighting solutions for urban areas such as Shenzhen Longhua New District and Shenzhen International New Exhibition Center, and has also taken part in overseas similar smart Lighting projects.

This time Sparkoe will assist to create a night view of Tianjin's lights, promote the construction of Tianjin's smart city, and actively contribute to the innovation and development of the smart (wisdom) lighting industry. We have always adhered to our mission of "Spark Optoelectronics, Illuminating Green Life."

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