Urban Smart Lighting Solutions

The product adopts a modular structure design, and customers can choose different functional modules according to different needs and different applications to meet market needs.

Road Lighting Solutions

With the continuous advancement of modern city construction and the continuous implementation and implementation of the concept of smart cities, the requirements for street lighting are getting higher and higher. How to remotely control the lighting, brightness adjustment, street lamp inspection and maintenance of street lamps on a large scale has become an important direction of street lamp city planning.

Rail Transit Solutions

Create professional track lighting according to industry characteristics, meet the "safe, efficient, energy-saving, and comfortable" rail transit lighting needs, improve site energy efficiency management, reduce station operation and maintenance management costs, and improve the lighting comfort experience in the station.

Industrial Lighting Solutions

SPECTRO Industrial Lighting has been committed to providing tailor-made professional lighting solutions for various industrial purposes. It has a complete series of high-quality industrial lighting systems that can meet the requirements of industrial production environments.
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