SPARK was invited to attend the 21st Tripartite (China-Japan-Korea) Environment Ministers Meeting


The China-Japan-Korea Environment Ministers Meeting began in 1999 with the aim of implementing the consensus of the three-nation summit, exploring and solving regional environmental issues that are common to the region, and promoting sustainable development in the region. The meeting is held once a year and is held alternately in the three countries.


This year's conference was organized by Japan. The meeting time is November 23-24, 2019 and is held in Kitakyushu, Japan. Chinese Minister of Ecology and Environment Li Ganjie, Japanese Minister of the Environment,Koizumi Shinjiro, and Korean Minister of the Environment, Zhao Minglai, led delegations to attend the meeting, exchanged their national environmental policies and latest developments, and exchanged views on regional and global environmental issues of common interest.

Ministers of the Three Countries At the Meeting


At the meeting, the ministers of the three countries reviewed the implementation of the China-Japan-Korea Joint Action Plan for Environmental Cooperation (2015-2019) and expressed satisfaction with the progress of the work. . China is willing to continue to work with Japan and South Korea to deepen exchanges and cooperation around ecological and environmental issues of common concern, benefit more countries, including the three countries, and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of East Asia and even the larger region.

The three Ministers heard the reports of the results of the representatives of the Youth Forum, the Enterprise Roundtable, the Joint Research Project on Urban Decarbonization and Sustainable Development, and represented the award to China's Chai Fahe, Japan's Uchida Keiichi and Korea's Lee Jong-Jae) for the "China, Japan and South Korea Environment Ministers' Environment Award" in 2019.

The winners from the three countries


China outstanding enterprise representatives

As a well-known lighting company in China with a history of 20 years, Spark has always taken energy saving and environmental protection as its mission. Being able to attend the meeting with the delegation is an honor and recognition for the company, and it also fully affirms the company's achievements and efforts. After the meeting, President Wu Feng stated that in the future, he will continue to increase investment in research and development, and continue to launch lighting products that meet the energy conservation and environmental protection needs of the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean markets, and work hard for the corporate mission of "Spark Illuminate Green Life"