Spark Intelligent Lighting Light up Shenzhen New International Convention and Exhibition Center


On November 4th, the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, the world's largest exhibition hall, run its first exhibition, the 2019 Shenzhen International Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo (Zhibo Fair) and the 2019 Baoan Industrial Development Expo (Baobo Fair).


Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center consists of eight “World's Best”, consisting of 16 20,000 square meters standard exhibition hall, one 50,000 square meters large exhibition hall, two 20,000 square meters multi-purpose exhibition hall, two registration halls and one reception hall.  The total construction area of 1.6 million square meters, equivalent to six "Bird's Nest", is the largest pavilion in the world.

As a supplier of the main road lighting project of Shenzhen New International

Convention and Exhibition Center, Spark specializes in designing and customizing the “Dapeng Spreading Wing” multi-function lighting streetlights and installed around the new Convention and Exhibition Center---Binhai Avenue, Zhanjing Road and Zhanyun Road Waiting for the road, providing high-standard road lighting and lighting, adding beauty to the new convention center. This intelligent lighting and light pole design has intelligent lighting multi-function, anti-17 typhoon, anti-high salt spray corrosion and other functions.


Shenzhen New International Convention and Exhibition Center - Dapeng wings intelligent lighting pole

For many years, Spark has always attached great importance to technological innovation. It has a national (CNAS) accredited optoelectronic laboratory and a provincial-level engineering and technical center. With its strong R&D strength and professional technical team, it relies on its rich experience in the LED lighting industry. Launching new products that meet the dynamic needs of users has always been at the forefront of industry development. Spark can successfully undertake the high-standard intelligent lighting project of the new exhibition center. It is always inseparable from the company's technological innovation, high quality and strict service to customers.

Highly intelligent lighting industrialization certificate


As a leader in the LED lighting industry, Spark will continue to increase its technical research and development efforts, improve its technical service level, and earnestly practice the corporate mission of “Spark Optoelectronics, Illuminating Green Life”, and strive to become the most professional intelligent lighting solution provider in China.