Shenzhen first issued local standard for Multi-function smart Lamp Post


In the afternoon of September 26, 2019, the local standard release ceremony for the “Specification for Design and Engineering Construction of Multi-Function Smart pole System” sponsored by the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau was held in the multi-function hall of Shenzhen Civic Center. Hundreds of people from the relevant functional departments of Shenzhen, more than 30 representatives of participating landmarks, representatives from all walks of life and the news media attended the awarding ceremony.


The meeting officially released the national standard for the first "Specification for Design and Engineering Construction of Multi-Function Smart pole System" and announced the launch of a special plan for information and communication infrastructure in Shenzhen. As the first local standard in the country, this work is led by the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau. It collects and coordinates dozens of representative units from other municipal departments, industry leading enterprises and social organizations. After nearly half a year, the hard work has been compiled. Standards from the functional classification, application scenarios, equipment technology, data sharing, security requirements, system construction, operation and maintenance and other processes and links of multi-function smart bars, upgrade the multi-functional smart bar and 5G era promoted in new smart cities. Processes such as communications infrastructure play a guiding role in promoting the development of smart cities.


At the meeting, more than 30 leading companies, social organizations and municipal government departments in various fields including Huawei, ZTE, Shenzhen Tower, Shenzhen Spark, and Smart Pole Industry Promotion Association were commended. And started the preparation of the "Special Plan for Information and Communication Infrastructure in Shenzhen", planning to focus on 5G demand, and will coordinate the layout of data center, communication equipment building, communication equipment room, base station site, multi-functional smart rod and communication pipeline and other infrastructure. .


The multi-function intelligent light pole can be equipped with intelligent lighting, WIFI, micro base station, video monitoring, urban environment monitoring, broadcasting, charging piles and other communication and sensing devices to achieve multi-functional integration, breaking the functional boundary of traditional light poles and integrating intelligent gateways. Functional modules such as edge computing, on the basis of physical integration, realize data integration and intelligent management, and provide sufficient physical space and high-quality dynamic environment for the smart city comprehensive perception network system construction.

 In the follow-up, Shenzhen Spark will make full use of the light pole as the carrier, equipped with a variety of smart city public management applications, through the complete Internet of Things platform, to achieve multi-functional integration, integration of emerging technologies, and comprehensive realization of various urban public facilities intensive Chemical construction and intelligent management and control, to achieve platform sharing and data exchange of various public resources, to contribute to the comprehensive use of big data and the improvement of urban management efficiency, and to promote the development of strategic emerging industries such as the Internet of Things.