China-donated home solar photovoltaic power system and LED lights to the Republic of Guinea manufactured by SPARKOE, ready for shipping


Review June

Sparkoe successfully won the bid from many outstanding competitors in China for

“To Cope with Climate Change, China National Ministry of Ecology and Environment’s Foreign Materials Donation Projects – Donate Solar PV Power System and LED Lamps to the Republic of Guinea”

As of September 4th, nearly 1,000 sets of 300-1200Wp home solar photovoltaic power systems and around 130,000 LED indoor lamps have been packed ready in the containers, ready for shipping. They’ll provide the basic lighting for nearly one thousand power-deficient hospitals, schools and families.

The project is well-organized and completed, now ready to be installed. It is resulted from the concerted efforts of all staff of Sparkoe and the perfect organization and management system of the company. In the meantime, a number of projects were carried out at the same time, and multiple production lines were operated at the same time. The precise control of the work process was carried out, and the people worked hard and performed their duties in an orderly manner.

Sparkoe strictly followed up this project, from the checking the raw materials from the suppliers carefully, to strictly control each process of the production line and proceeding the quality test of each product. Sparkoe focuses on quality, which lead to a meticulous product.

For many years, Sparkoe has always attached great importance to technology innovation, product quality and technical services, achieving patents in the direction of new energy lighting technology innovation. In recent years, with the advantage of technological innovation, Sparkoe has also undertaken many other China national solar energy foreign aid projects which responding to climate change and the “One Belt, One Road” cooperation agreement.