Spark Helps Shenzhen Science Quality Education and Popular Science Work


     On April 12th, the Shenzhen National Science Quality Work Conference and the city's popular science work conference were held at the Municipal Capital Market College. Zhiping Zhang, member of the Party Committee of the Municipal Science and Technology Association and vice chairman of the city, presided over the meeting. Xiang Lin, the director of the Municipal Bureau, the party secretary of the Municipal Science Association, and the vice chairman of the city, Xiang Lin attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. The 22nd Outline Office of the Municipal Party Committee and other member units Representatives from various district science associations and various science education bases attended the meeting.

     During the meeting, Xiang Lin, the director of the Municipal Bureau, the party secretary of the Municipal Science Association, and the vice chairman of the city, firstly systematically summed up the work of the scientific quality of Shenzhen in 2018, fully affirming that the city's scientific quality work has been achieved. Good results, but also pointed out that there are a series of problems between the regional science and technology service capacity imbalance and insufficiency, the need for popular science popularization, and the lack of influence of popular science brands. Finally, Vice Chairman Xiang Lin also proposed the 2019 work plan for the scientific quality of Shenzhen.

    Organized to watch the national video conference on the 2019 national science quality work

    The head of the Spark Green Lighting Science Exhibition Hall attended the meeting as a company representative. Spark Green Lighting Science Exhibition Hall is a municipal science education base awarded by the Municipal Association of Science and Technology in 2012. In 2013, it was awarded the “China Green Lighting Education Demonstration Base”. For many years, I have been promoting the development of Shenzhen's green lighting technology industry, and vigorously popularize the knowledge of LED green lighting technology. For this reason, Spark has carried out various LED lighting knowledge popularization activities to the public from time to time, with nearly 100,000 visitors. The effect is remarkable.

    After the meeting, the person in charge of the exhibition hall said that Spark has long supported the scientific quality work of Shenzhen as a whole and actively cooperated with the development of science popularization work of the Municipal Science Association. In the construction of talents, we attach great importance to the role of talents, actively strive for scientific and technological innovation, build a platform, and create favorable conditions for the scientific and technological personnel to display their talents.

    In 2019, Shenzhen Spark Co., Ltd. will continue to undertake the sacred mission of popular science education, closely focus on the goal of 2020 national scientific quality construction, and closely cooperate to make the science work more effective.