2018, Olympic Center in Suzhou--Even Brighter


In the year of 2018, citizens in Suzhou has welcomed their Olympic center shopping plaza, swimming pool, badminton center, football and basketball center, all different functions of arenas are opened in September 1st, 2018. SPARK has designed and manufactured 3 series LED lighting products (LED panel lights, LED down lights, LED embedded down light) for Suzhou Olympic center.


All of SPARK’s LED lights are certified with CCCF fire control certificate and CQC energy-saving certificate.High quality LED lights make sure audience capture every sparkling moment with our flicker-free, anti-glare lighting solution.

    Suzhou Olympic center has gained great attention since its design and construction stage. It’s supported by the whole society, hence, after its opening, this Olympic center had welcomed a lot of important matches and tour shows by celebrities.

    2018, Suzhou Olympic center---even brighter!