Shenzhen Metro Line 7—Happy 2-year-old Birthday! --SPARK lights the city transportation


On November 28th, 2018, Shenzhen metro line 7 is embracing a 2-year-old celebration. This line becomes one of the key lines of Shenzhen metro transportation since 2016.

“Green Project”, “Eco-subway” are the theme of Shenzhen metro line 7, which has won 4 national-level awards, 124 provincial awards, and 35 city awards. Line 7 has won “Gold prize for National High-quality Project” in 2017, and nominated as “2018 Creative Project of International Tunnel & Underground Space Committee”.

Metro lighting has extremely strict requirement on the LED lighting. At the beginning of its construction, the city government has requested a high-level standard---highest scientific plan and design, more professional and strict demand, and finally, the whole lighting solution was provided by famous brand Shenzhen Spark Co., Ltd.

All of SPARK’s LED lights are certified with CCCF fire control certificate and CQC energy-saving certificate.

Different patterns and shapes of lights are lighting the whole line 7. Products including LED panel light, LED linear light, LED down light, LED high bay light, LED tube light and LED street light. Among these industrial lights, SPARK has designed a special geometrical colorful lights are shining comfortably in the waiting area and working area.

These special geometrical lights are designed by SPARK, original high lumen output LED chips, special casing, well heat dissipation design, all of these parameters offer these lights high CRI, high quality lighting environment. Energy-saving, low-carbon, long-lifespan, SPARK lights spark in line 7.

    Here are the meaning of our special-designed lights:

    Green circle light----“water”

    Blue square light----“digit”

    Yellow triangle light---“fish”

    Blue and green leave light---“ecology”

    Different station gives you different “Colorful city dreams”.