SPARK Awarded Shenzhen Lighting Annual Prizes


    On August 31st, 2018, the 15th annual "Shenzhen Lighting Award" was hosted by ShenZhen Illuminating Engineering Society (SZIES) in the International Conference Center of Science Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Mr. Dou Linping (Genera Secretary of China Illuminating Engineering Society), Mr. Zhang Zhiqing (Chairman of Shenzhen Illumination Engineering Society), Mr. Shen Yongjian (Chief Supervisor of Shenzhen Illumination Engineering Society), Mr. Pangjie (Genera Secretary of Shenzhen Illuminating Engineering Society) and Mr. Wufeng (President of Shenzhen SPARK Co., Ltd.) was present at the ceremony.

    This Shenzhen Lighting Award including award of Excellent Lighting Design , Excellent Lighting Designer, Excellent Enterprise and other 10 awards, aim to rewarding Shenzhen companies and individuals who has made outstanding contributions to the development of the lighting industry in 2017.

SPARK awarded Excellent Lighting Design of Shenzhen Lighting Award in 2017 for Integrated Solar LED Street Light with distinguished design and excellent products 

    The Integrated Solar LED Street Lights are designed with newest solar panel, Lithium battery, LEDs and MTTP tracking technology, using high efficacy up to 180lm/w. The intelligent energy management can effectively improve the solar energy utilization, also greatly extend the battery life. Featured with dust proof, anti-salt spray, snow pressure and wind pressure resistance, enduring high temperature and high humidity, they can widely be used in harsh environment. The integrated design of solar panel, Lithium battery, photovoltaic controllers and led lamps, very easy for installation and maintenance. Theyre excellent solar street lamps.