SPARK LED street light Illuminated Evergrande Group Hainan Haihua Island Binhai Avenue


SPARK LED street light Illuminated Evergrande Group Hainan Haihua Island Binhai Avenue

    Background of Haihua Island

    Haihua Island is located in Baimajing to Paipu, Bozhou City, Hainan Province,China. It consists of three independent offshore islands with a planned reclamation area of about 8 square kilometers and a total span of 6.8 kilometers. The island is built with Amorous Hotel District, Food Culture Street, Seven-Star Hotel, Wetland Park, Film and TV Media Base, Eco-Korean Paradise, Sea Paradise, Beach Swimming Pool, Yacht Club, etc., With the theme of mass entertainment, business communication, club membership sports, leisure Vacation,Haihua act as one of the international tourism and leisure resort islands.

    Project details 

    Cangzhou Binhai Avenue and Haihua Island face each other across the sea. It has a total length of 8.7 kilometers, two-way eight lanes and a design of speed 60km/h. It is a Urban secondary main road with welcoming landscape and secondary ransportation function. It is the only way to enter Haihua Island. 

    In order to meet the needs of green recycling and low carbon development, the whole road is installed with SPARK's new high-efficiency & high-power LED street light (240W/320W LED street light), The luminaire efficacy is 150lm/W and the efficacy is much higher than that of conventional 100lm/W street light in the market. The energy saving effect is more remarkable. At the same time, the luminaire fully considers the coastal environmental characteristics, wind resistance grade and anti-corrosion grade requirements, adopts high standard design and production to meet with the harsh environment of ocean salt spray corrosion, great temperature difference, typhoon and thunderstorm. 

    The successful installation of the Binhai Road Lighting Project was highly praised by the Ganzhou Municipal Government and Evergrande Tourism Group, Thus SPARK light up a beautiful landscape for Hainan Island's international tourism industry.