Win the Big Tender of China Aid Nepal Solar Power Home System


Recently Spark win big tender of China Aid Nepal 32325 sets solar power home system. At witness of Premier Li Keqiang and Nepal Premier Auley, China NDRC Mr Xu Shaoshi and Nepal Minister of population and environment signed memorandum of understanding for sending goods and materials for response to climate change on 21th March 2016, this tender is part of this signed memorandum, which will help Nepal to improve its ability response to climate change. This project is the biggest quantity among China Aid solar power home system, which will meet over 30000 home’s basic lighting demand and everyday energy requirement.

“SPARK”, as a professional lighting application solutions company which has nearly more than 10 years experience on solar lighting. The national solar semiconductor lighting laboratory and the provincial application of solar lighting technology research center has support “SPARK” to focus on solar energy technology development and application. “SPARK” already achieved many invention patents and Provincial science and technology award. For now, “SPARK” solar lighting products and home solar power generation system has been popular in South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and other countries. Especially widelyused in the B&R Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

In recent years, Spark takes advantage of technological innovation, finish a lot of "one belt oneroad" projects and China Aid projects of solar lighting project for response to climate change, including some of the major projects undertaken,such as Burma solar street lighting project, Pakistan - Karachi solar Lighting projects, the Antigua and Barbuda solar street lighting project, the Dubaisolar street light project, the Ghana home solar power system project and manyother projects, and achieved good economicand social benefits.

Asthe global climate is getting worse and worse now, the climate response inaction Paris Agreement officially entered into force in November of 2016,which are also the arrangement steps for global climate change after 2020. For years within the context of the global agreement, China has actively devoted topushing South–South Cooperation and help developing countries response toglobal climate change, which is a great distribution for solving global climatechange. Later on, Spark will continue to play the advantage of technology innovation in new energy lighting direction and more actively participate in the national action on climate change, strive for more countries to cope with climate change, and contribute to the human’s response to climate change, energy saving and emission reduction.