Implementing the new national standard of intellectual property management, establishing new benchmark for the industrial intellectual property management


To promote a group of intellectual property management advanced enterprises implement <Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Practices> (GB / T29490-2013) national standards in Futian District, promoting the standardization of enterprise intellectual property management practices and internationalization, seting the industry benchmark for intellectual property management. 29th,Oct,2014 , the “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Practice Standards Implementation Specification” is held in the 2nd floor multi-purpoes hall, in Accor Hotel, as Shenzhen IPR advantageous enterprises, Spark patent management attended the training.

During the meeting, Zhengyong Jia, the general manager of Shenzhen Homoral Intellectual Operations Consultant, made an analysis and interpretation for the<Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Practices>. Later, Bing Wang, the patent executive of Shenzhen Sunsea Communication Co.,Ltd, shared the achievement after implementing standards, when companies involved in international competition, intellectual property protection, risk aversion results; finally, Dr. Yong Yang from CAS, summarized the framework and ideas of enterprise intellectual property management and standardization, clear tasks and requirements for each unit, explaining terms and implementation practices, etc. and made a diagnosis to guide the status of enterprise intellectual property management, and pointed out an important position in the business operations with cases.
Since Shenzhen IPR Advantageous Enterprises approval in 2013, Spark uphold the value of quality innovation, and constant exploration. From the establishment of the building "production, learning and research" cooperation with universities to undertake innovative strategies of major national research projects, technology innovation system, from provincial high-tech, innovative products to the formation of independent invention patents, utility model patents, software copyright patents, trademark and other intellectual property rights, Spark is always at the forefront of the industry of technological innovation, independent research and development
Focus on industrial LED lighting, based on innovation, In the future, Spark will pay more attention to construction and improvement of enterprise intellectual property management system, to improve the management capacity and the level of intellectual property, and fully develop the contribution of intellectual property to business efficiency.