SPARK LED High Bay Lights Project in Singapore


Singapore, a beautiful garden city, is famous for its cleanness. Spark LED high bay light, based on LED technology, is energy saving, environmental friendly and durable. The installation of Spark LED high bay light in this beautiful city makes perfect combination between the two.

On April 14th, 2013, after 5 months’ field test, which started from November 14th, 2012, Singapore client announced that Spark LED high bay lights successfully passed their test in terms of reliability, photometric performance, brightness maintenance, quality and lighting effect. The client said after the test, “Spark LED high bay light is one of the most reliable one I’ve ever seen; and I quite like the design and the material used, the whole lamp looks very high-grade”.

Spark LED high bay light, after all these years’ field tests by our customers from all over the world, turns out to be superior, in terms of not only performance, reliability, but also the design. It is single LED design, with each LED scattered in a relatively big area of PCB, to optimize the heat dissipation performance; it uses high-end materials, like Cree LED, Rubycon electrolytic capacitor, and National Semiconductor IC to make sure its performance and lifespan. Besides, it uses 3mm premium aluminum alloy lamp shade, highly polished outside, with nano coat inside, to have good anti-corrosion, anti-damage performance, and good reflection performance. The whole design makes it beautiful and different.

Spark LED Products, to light up our green life.