Shenzhen International Airport Lighting Project

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport 

Design concept: simple and generous, energy saving and environmental protection, anti-interference, no glare, controllable

effect program, does not affect the appearance of the building , fully consider the natural lighting of the building during the


Spark light feature: The main body of the lamp adopts the light guide plate material with high transmittance and transparent 

silk screen dot. The central installation and the light source part structural parts fully consider the frame of the site building 

itself, and consider hiding while being easy to install, and also avoid light pollution caused by glare. 

The overall design makes it impossible to observe the installation of the luminaire on the front wall of the AB terminal during 

the day, so it also ensures the original natural lighting in the building during the day, combined with high brightness and low

power controllable LED light source, the entire project fully considers the energy-saving effect in both natural lighting and 

artificial light source.

After the night falls, the six colored light strips on the front wall of the AB terminal are slowly changing. Combined with the 

static light inside the building, the beauty of the three-dimensional structure of this giant steel building is highlighted. The 

buildings in different colors show different artistic conception. The change of light color at any time makes this steel building

a bit flexible, which gives visitors a sense of intimacy.

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